BioNano Engineering



We are a group of interdisciplinary scientists, working on bioinspired nanomaterials with diverse applications from catalysis to nano-medicine.


The Fruk lab is an interdisciplinary research group based in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. We are studying how novel nano-materials, inspired by nature, can be exploited for catalysis and medicine.

We use biological components and our knowledge of chemistry to prepare enzyme-inspired systems to make chemical synthesis greener, remove pollutants from water and fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Our hybrid nanocomposite materials are being investigated as drug delivery systems against ageing and cancerous cells, as sensing platforms and as next generation theragnostics.  We develop new materials and synthetic strategies, while striving to understand fundamental principles of nano-material design.

We are engaged in a number of active collaborations with various companies and initiatives to help bring our ideas from the lab to the market, careful to always consider responsible innovation and sustainability. 

As participants in the Cambridge Global Challenges program, we understand our responsibility to contribute to a better society, and welcome researchers from all over the world to join us to develop new projects.  

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The Fruk group is an inclusive, diverse team, and we welcome people of all nationalities, genders and sexual orientations. 

Dr Ljiljana Fruk

Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology 

Philippa Fawcett Drive



01223 (3)34778

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