The Chemistry of Custard

December 06, 2019

What’s happening at the molecular level when custard gets cooked? Ljiljana speaks on the Naked Scientist with  Chris Smith and Phil Sansom.

Ljiljana talks at TEDxKoenigsallee

October 18, 2019

Ljiljana was invited to give a TEDx talk  on nanotechnology for 21st century medicine in Duesseldorf, Germany. She joined 7 other speakers from all walks of life taking about ideas and concepts Outside the Bubble. Video will be released soon so stay tuned. 

Ljiljana presents at the Barvard Bar

October 11, 2019

Tim Crooke’s brainchild, The Bavard Bar is an evening event full of every day wisdoms, laugh, and people sharing their passions with other people. More information and videos past Bavards can be found under

Departmental Open Day for Science Festival 2019

March 23, 2019

For the 2019 Cambridge Science Festival, CEB welcomed over 750 visitors to the department, inviting them to explore our research, meet our scientists and take part in hands-on demos and experiments. Find out why our researchers think the Science Festival is an important opportunity to engage with the public and join us in 2020 for next year's Cambridge Science Festival.

Why do some mugs change colour with temperature?

March 12, 2019

Have you ever had a mug that, when you put a hot cup of tea or coffee in it, it changes colour? Chris Smith interviewed Ljiljana to tackle the topic. Find the full interview and podcast here.

Time to Stare Art Bursary

March 08, 2019

B&R productions's first 'Time To Stare' bursary was awarded to Artist Engineer Diana Scarborough to develop her project Sounds Of Space into a more performative, multi-disciplinary experience for audiences, integrating and responding to scientific data collected by the British Antarctic Survey, initially for Blue Dot Festival 2019. team. Find out more about the bursary and Diana's project here.

Women in STEM: "Remember that your way is YOUR way."

March 08, 2019

Up to the age of sixteen, as many girls as boys study maths and science, but thereafter a gap opens up which continues to widen at each step of the career ladder. Women are still less likely than their male colleagues to advance to senior positions in academia.

Over the past five years, the number of female professors at the University of Cambridge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) has increased by 31%. But the overall percentage of STEMM female professors still only stands at 18%. There is still a long way to go. Visibility and awareness can help drive positive change for women, but a cultural shift is required.

Eleanor Dodd spoke with several women working in STEMM fields at Cambridge about their research, their experiences and their hopes for a more gender-balanced world. Find all interviews here.

Leander performs the elephant toothpaste experiment for BBC's Naked Scientist Podcast

October 18, 2018

This episode of the Naked Scientist is all about catalysts. What they are and how they work! We hosted the Naked Scientist crew at CEB to give them a little demonstration on fun chemistry!

Molecules that Rocked our World 3D exhibition

March 12, 2018

Cambridge Science Festival provides the public with opportunities to explore and discuss issues of scientific interest and concern and to raise aspirations by encouraging young people to consider a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Our group did some colourful experiments with future scientist (see the gallery) and led visitors through molecular virtual hall of fame, where they could learn about molecular structures, history and importance.

Molecular Chocolates

April 10, 2017

Together with chocolatier Marina Prijatelj, Ljiljana designed delicious molecular chocolates featuring (for now) four molecules: ethanol, caffeine, dopamine  and glucose. The taste of each dark chocolate is related to the molecule it features so that ethanol is filled with sage and walnuts and walnut liqueur,  caffeine with coffee beans, glucose with dry figs and dopamine with olive oil. You want to have some?

Contact us or Marina at

Molecules that Changed the World App

May 31, 2016

Bernd designed the app featuring our Molecules. Learn about 25 of them that changed the world, turn them around to explore the structure and read about the exciting history and influence they had on our civilisation.

Download from Google Play or iTunes for free.

Exo-Evolution, Future is here - 2016

April 30, 2016

Amazing science inspired art exhibition  featuring  rekowed artists from all over the world. Ljiljana got to curate and prepare some installations  together with Bernd Lintermann (ZKM) and Ruediger Mach (MachIdee) our animation expert. Installations  included Seeing the Invisible dedicated  to nano world, Quintessence dedicated  to DNA and genetics and Bang!Matter. Dark Matter, a panorama projection of the Big Bang and the birth of the universe based on data provided by astrophysicists.

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