We have recently started employing our knowledge of hybrid materials and photochemistry to design nanostructured elements for drug delivery, diagnostics and drug formulation.  Within a large collaborative project we design drug nanocarriers for hard-to-treat cancers such as pancreatic cancer, characterised by growth of dense tumor tissue surrounding cancer cells, which interferes with the successful delivery of the drugs. Together with our collaborator Daniel Munoz Espin (CRUK, Cambridge) we explore therapeutic and diagnostic strategies for ageing (senescent) cells, particulalry those aged by chemotherapy. 

We use our hybrid biopolymers to prepare radionuclide carriers for lung cancer theranostic (in collaboration with Luigi Aloj.Department of Radiology,), to design a new generation of DNA vaccines (work done in collaboration with Astra Zeneca), and sunlight-triggered antiviral and antibacterial nanostructures 



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Dr. Daniel Munoz-Espin, Department of Oncology, University of Cambridge (Senescent cells) 

Prof. Laura Ballerini, SISSA; Trieste, Italy (neuronal devices) 

Dr. Luigi Aloj, Department of Radiology, University of Cambridge (radionuclide delivery) 

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