COVID-19: Antiviral and Antibacterial Surfaces


Like many others we started thinking in March how could our research be put to use to help with the ongoing pandemic. We had few tools in hand: we knew how to design photo-triggered and biocompatible catalysts and we deal with nano-structured surfaces. This led us in two directions: design of nano-structured, light-triggered surface coatings, and development of antiviral, ecologically produced pigments for PPE production. 


We have secured funding from, and have been developing antiviral pigments in collaboration with, Colorifix, Cambridge, with help from viral testing facility run by Prof. Ian Goodfellow at the University of Cambridge (funded by Innovate UK). 


We are also starting to work together with University of Birmingham, Dupont, Innospec and Fibrelean on studies of antiviral and antibacterial surface properties to develop strategies for efficient deactivation and elimination of viruses and bacteria (EPSRC funded project)


Within the Cultivator project run by Centre for Global Equality ( and helped by group of students, we are developing bionanotech inspired disinfectants that can be activated by sunlight. 










Innovate Uk




Jason Zhang, University of Birmingham

Graham Christie, University of Cambridge

Ian Goodfellow, University of Cambridge

Stuart Clarke, University of Cambridge

Colorifix, Cambridge