Books and more

Bionanotechnology: Concepts and Applications

Cambridge University Press, 2020

Rutledge Companion to Critical Approaches in Contemporary Architecture

Essay :
Future Architecture: Biohybrid structures and intelligent materials, Taylor and Francis 2019.

Molecular Aesthetics

ed. Peter Weibel and Ljiljana Fruk, MIT Press 2013

25 Molecules that Changed the World

Artresor 2016 (in Croatian), English Edition expected November 2017

DNA as Structuring Element for Design of Functional Devices

D. Bauer, D. M. Kendziora, Y..C. Hung, I. Ahmed, Lj. Fruk, Novel Approaches for Single Molecule Activation and Detection, Ed. F. Benefati, E. Di Fabrizio, V. Torre, Springer Verlag 2014.

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